welcome to reality

Mona. 23. And you bet your fedora-wearing ass I'm a fucking angry feminist.

Anonymous asked: Male circumcision does hurt. That's kinda why over 100 people die from it every year.

Not listening.

Anonymous asked: Horrified that people think that female circumcision is the same as male circumcision.. Has anyone ever researched it? ITS MORE HARMFUL/PROBLEMATIC/UNHEALTHY FOR WOMEN, not to mention far more painful than male circumcision. UGH.

Yeah! God! I mean. Male circumcision isn’t even painful.

Anonymous asked: what's your opinion on those damn dirty spinnikers

That sounds like a racial slur.

Anonymous asked: wow literally all your replies defending your position are short ass insults and phrases that obviously are not well thought up and attacks the person challenging you. that's sad. i feel sorry for you.


Anonymous asked: What does MRA stand for?

Moldy ripped anus.

Anonymous asked: Some one didn't get loved enough as a child ... But seriously what's your damage ? If a man asks for some change which literally has nothing to do with rape you'll go "PATRIARCHY" and then go whine about it on your piss whine blog .

He can go ask another man for change instead of threatening me and invading my space.

Anonymous asked: I'm a feminist but I'd be lying if I told you I didn't love men. Boy do I enjoy them. I like looking at them and touching them and thinking of them. How am I a feminist then? Because rape sucks, because I'm afraid to walk alone at night, because I'm sick of being called a bitch when I reject a guy, but you know what? That's not all men, and it never will be. If you're fake, you're not funny, and if you're real, grow the fuck up and realize that you don't fight inequality with ignorance, you shit

"Not all men"

Probably not a real feminist if you ever unironically utter this phrase.

Anonymous asked: How do you go outside?

I don’t. The world judges me because they’re intolerant of me.

Anonymous asked: Ugh its African American not black. and I am sorry you feel so badly towards men. I am a man and I get sick thinking that their are girls like you out there who have been treated so badly you think this way. I wish i could help really I do.

Not every black person is African American. I am afraid you are the racist here.

Anonymous asked: look at yourself in the mirror. i imagine you have a horrid complexion and an ugly personality. you are a coward. you do not deserve to speak this way against anyone. you are not perfect. you are not god. you are not my boss. you are not anyone special. you are you. i hope you realize that you are hurting many people because of the words you type, because of the words you say, because of the things you do. please reconsider yourself. please.

Don’t you dare body shame me.

And I am special. Everyone is special. My kindergarten teacher told me.