welcome to reality

Mona. 23. And you bet your fedora-wearing ass I'm a fucking angry feminist.

Anonymous asked: If all hetero sex is rape, then what is gay sex between two males?

A celebration of a mutual dislike for women.

Anonymous asked: you literally ruined the whole korra water ending post.

You literally ruined my whole inbox. Congratulation. Good 4 u.

Anonymous asked: I hope you have a nice day -random straight male

Don’t tell me what to do.

Anonymous asked: I bet Yo ass u will neva get married

Yeah because same-sex marriage is illegal in most places.

Thanks a lot for triggering me.

Anonymous asked: why don't you like foreskin?

The real question is… why do you like it?

Penis worship is problematic.

Anonymous asked: "There is LITERALLY no difference. Women don’t owe you shit. We are not sex objects. Too bad if you’re sad about it. You don’t deserve anybody. You are not entitled to another human being. That’s just how it works." You're a fucking idiot.


Anonymous asked: Do you have autism?

Do you have ableism?

Anonymous asked: Educate yourself. At 23 you should know better.



I am educated. I have a degree in gender studies. That makes me more educated in this field than you will ever be.

Cishet scumbag cactus.

People can’t help being born Cis! People can’t help being heterosexual! Stop shaming people for the way they were born! This is the pinnacle of tumblr’s “oppression Olympics!” Dear sweet merciful Jace what is wrong with people!

*weh weh weh weh teh cishet crie*

Anonymous asked: You should probably learn the difference between being sad about rejection, but dealing with it in a healthy way, and being an asshole dudebro bitching about the friendzone. If you can't recognize the difference, yet you scream and rage, you are part of the reason why no one takes feminists seriously. Go job there. Oh, and I already know how you're going to respond to this... "Boo hoo, 'male tears', misandry, whiny SJW".

Anonymous asked: Is it racist that kids have to use WHITE paper in school