welcome to reality

Mona. 23. And you bet your fedora-wearing ass I'm a fucking angry feminist.

Anonymous asked: Tell me your blog is a joke, some of the stuff you are saying is really terrible...

My blog is NOT a joke. Read my about page.


all gamers are scum.

all gamers are the manpig neckbeard children.

gaming culture is evil.

if you’re a feminist, you should hate video games.

Dear white people

I demand a personal apology from each and every one of you, notarized and signed in blood, for your actions.

I hope you’re goddamn ashamed of what all of you have done.


Sending nude photos of yourself, regardless of the context, is always sexual harassment.

Sincerely,All women on earth.

Anonymous asked: what if a girl wears a fedora? those hats were originally made for women, anyways.

hloy shit

Anonymous asked: Male circumcision does hurt. That's kinda why over 100 people die from it every year.

Not listening.

Anonymous asked: Horrified that people think that female circumcision is the same as male circumcision.. Has anyone ever researched it? ITS MORE HARMFUL/PROBLEMATIC/UNHEALTHY FOR WOMEN, not to mention far more painful than male circumcision. UGH.

Yeah! God! I mean. Male circumcision isn’t even painful.

Anonymous asked: what's your opinion on those damn dirty spinnikers

That sounds like a racial slur.

Anonymous asked: wow literally all your replies defending your position are short ass insults and phrases that obviously are not well thought up and attacks the person challenging you. that's sad. i feel sorry for you.


Anonymous asked: What does MRA stand for?

Moldy ripped anus.