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Mona. 23. And you bet your fedora-wearing ass I'm a fucking angry feminist.

Dear Misandrists


The reason “most men are assholes” is because  most people are assholes.

So you can stop being sexist about it.

You’re shitting me right? Oh of course not. You’re an anti-feminist PIW. So let me make this sparkling clear for you, fucker:

  • Men are assholes because they are the one and only cause of rape.
  • Men are assholes because they are shamelessly paid fortunes over women.
  • Men are assholes because they alone objectify women.

We are not your sex objects. We are not your servants. The only one being sexist here is you.


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    This version is ridiculous "men are the one and only cause of rape " Nope, wrong! Women rape men, men rape men, men rape...
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    Hey, dipshit. NOT. ALL FUCKING. MEN. ARE. ASSHOLES. Believe or or fucking not, most men are not fucking assholes. It’s...
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    If I knew who you were I would send you a USB that contains a recording of my own snoring, sampled and mixed, played on...
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