welcome to reality

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welcome to reality: I’m legitimately starting to support the idea of castrating all males


Rape is so fucking prevalent in society. 1 in 3 women are raped. That’s a scary statistic.

But obviously we can’t just castrate a third of the male population since we can’t tell for sure which men are committing the rapes.

The only way to be sure is to do it to all of them. But it does leave a…


If we went by your logic, why don’t we go just that bit further and have women’s vagina’s stitched up between the years 16-24 so they can be safe…No, you don’t want that?

good, because that’s insane, as is neutering young boys for something they haven’t nor probably will never do.



It’s a little different, hon.

See, men are prone to rape.

Women can’t rape.

Do you see the difference now? Or do you need a new pair of glasses?

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    The can force penetration
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    congratulations you are truly a disgusting human being
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    OP was made by the worst kind of person.
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    Yes, because genital mutilation is the solution to everything.
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    The real question is, who will they get to enforce such a thing?
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    Let’s link TyphonBlue’s series on Threat Narratives, shall we?
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    This is the most obvious troll blog on Tumblr.3/10. Trying too hard and very unoriginal.
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    Actually, lemme learn you something lady. I read nothing but your last addition to this post and I’d like to point out...
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    Not to mention the 1 in 3 statistic is bullshit, and not all rapists are men.
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    for a movement that cries so much about genital mutilation they sure give about fucks when it happens to men and even...