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Teenage Girls Sexually Assault and Torture Autistic Boy




I have no words for this bullshit. Sexual Assault and Rape are not gender specific experiences. 


Except males can’t be raped. sorry.

Yes, it’s horrible what happened to him, but this is more ableism than anything.

But don’t you dare equate the rape of women to sexual assault of males. They are not the same thing. Let me say that again:

They are not the same thing.

Holy sweet Jesus I cannot believe the bullshit I just saw you vomit across my screen.

Why can’t a man be raped? What prevents a man being penetrated by a penis or phallus shaped object from being considered rape? For that matter what makes the sexual assault of a man less devastating than the sexual assault on a woman? Do they not both suffer? Do they not both experience shame, despair, isolation, physical and psychological trauma from the ordeal? Are we not all human? When cut do we not all bleed?

Do you think it’s the difference in power that defines rape? If so then men can still be raped even by that deluded warped definition because there is always a difference in power between victim and victimizer regardless of gender. It is that difference in power that allows any kind of crime to occur. Power can be situational, it can exist on an individual level. Those girls had power over that boy, they outnumbered him among other things and it was through that power that they were able to abduct and sexually assault him.

I can’t attest as to whether or not it was rape or sexual assault but either way your delusional, disgusting and toxic belief in the idea that men can’t be raped is actually pretty pitiful and it disturbs me to think that there are other walking, talking bags of filth and shit such as yourself out there who share your vile, hideous world view.

I hope you can change your disturbed opinions on gender and abuse and come to grips with the fact that we are all human, we all despair and can at times be the victims of horrendous atrocities regardless of our gender or race. And if you cannot come to grip with that fact then I hope you live alone, out in the wilderness where you cannot touch other people with your thought pollution. I hope the world forgets you, and never takes note of your ugly opinions lest it be pulled into the vacuous intellectual abyss that is your mind.

To reiterate I will equate the rape and sexual assault of a woman to that experienced by a man. THEY ARE THE SAME BECAUSE WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS


The fact that your page says “egalitarian” (read: MRA) is enough for me to consider your opinion invalid.

Fuck right off. Stop derailing feminist dialogue, shithead.

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    You disgust me.
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    If he didn’t give consent then it’s rape, it doesn’t matter the gender.
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